Special tickets

Sonderkarten / Special tickets Erwachsene / Adults
Paragleiter 1 Tag
Paraglider 1 day
26,00 €
Bikekarte (nur gültig am Fulseck)
Mountainbike 1 day
26,00 €

Important: Hiking tickets issued to hikers are NOT valid for guests engaging in any kinds of aviation activities!

Restrictions on age:

Adult: year 2000 or born earlier
Youth: year 2001-2003 (Photo-ID required)
Child: year 2004 - 2013 (Photo-ID required)
Small child: year 2014 or born earlier

Cards are personal and non-transferable.
Key-Card deposit € 3,00

No liability taken for alterations or mistakes! All prices are in Euro, incl. 10% tax