Art on Snow – Artistic Thunderstorm

Date: 28.01.2018 15:00

snow sculpture, audio-visual projection show, groomer performance, skishow ....

Within the frame of the Art on Snow Gastein 2018 the ropeway company Dorfgastein hosts a very special art happening at the bottom station of Gipfelbahn Fulseck on January 28th. At the Artistic Thunderstorm a giant snow sculpture will be staged with an audio-visual projection show. Accompanied by a spectacular snow groomer performance, a fire show and a ski-choreography, a magic atmosphere and an unforgettable evening are guaranteed.

The snow sculpture will be created already in the run-up to the Art on Snow Gastein 2018 headed by Daniel Rauch. The Allgaeu-based artist is also the one who will stage his artwork at the Artistic Thunderstorm with a so-called mapping show and with a fire show composed by him. At the mapping show specially created graphics and videos will be projected onto the sculpture in a way that they melt with it. In combination with an also specially composed music an intense and uncommon art experience will be created.

Already from 15:00 p.m. on a DJ will fuel the atmosphere and ring in the Artistic Thunderstorm – like the wind announcing an approaching thunderstorm. The show itself starts at 17:00 p.m. as the full effect of this happening unfolds best at darkness. As an intro of the show the visitors will be welcomed by an impressive snow groomer performance, creating a surreal atmosphere. As soon as the roaring machines have calmed down, the mapping and fire show starts. A mystical ambiance awaits you.

Also the creature comforts will be cared for, as the visitors will indulge with a selection of regional food and drinks.

Download - program booklet